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Image by Mikita Karasiou

Yoga is more than asana practise but an art of living

Together with Jojo, we have launched a non-profit project in 2019 with the simple aim to make the world a happier place. It was a yoga retreat + voluntary experience in Siem Reap, Cambodia. All profits are proceeding to charity donation in supporting the education of underprivileged children at the Cambodian Children House of Peace Shelter. 

Image by Jon Flobrant

ANANTALUV Charity Project

Endless love

"ANANTA" in Sanskrit means "infinity" or "limitless". The charity project was named "ANANTALUV", symbolises endless love. When there is love, there is happiness.  

Sutra Sharing

By Jojo

We have Jojo as our Summer student placement to assist on this non-profit project. She was helping with social media management and shared her personal experience regarding the philosophy of yoga sutra in daily living. 

Image by Надя Кисільова

Karma Yoga

Helping the needy

I have visited the 'Cambodian Children House of Peace' shelter in 2017 and supported their daily English class through UK Wisdom Foundation Pen Buddies Project since then. I see this as a form of yoga practice, which is called "Karma Yoga" when we contribute back to the community. 

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